Adut Akech named Model of the Year at British Fashion Awards 2019

The British Fashion Awards in 2019 is one of the glitziest nights of the 12 months, (often called the ‘Oscars’ of British fashion), wherein the pinnacle players inside the industry are recognized for their exceptional talent. Adut Akech named Model of the Year at British Fashion Awards 2019. One of the maximum highly predicted awards of the night is surely Model of the Year and this year’s line up changed into one of the most numerous to date. Adesuwa Aighewi joined former nominees Adut Akech & others  for the coveted title. It’s no mean feat to be admired with the…

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Is Instagram making fashion more diverse?

Over the earlier couple of years, the fashion industry & commerce has made undeniable progress in increasing the amount of diversity expressed on runways and in shops. Is Instagram making fashion more diverse? From Rihanna’s inclusive Savage x Fenty revolution (that sees ladies of all shapes, sizes and competencies proudly stroll the catwalk during style week), to brands like ASOS (who flat-out refuse to edit models’ ‘again rolls’ out of their stock imagery), the range is not only a buzzword that gets thrown around willy-nilly, it is something brands are preventing and noticing. Why? Because we care. And we are…

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Tired Of Settling For The Plus Size Section

I can remember the dress that stole my identity. It turned into military blue. It changed into floral print. Nothing approximately it stood out in any way. But what it did have – and this is its most critical feature – became an elasticated waist. I hated it. I bought it. There turned into a time after I might have shuddered on the thought of purchasing one of these dresses. A plain-woman dress that ensured no one would make an appearance when I entered a room. I’m a size 16 and tired of settling for the plus size section.  Just…

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Penis Nails Are The Latest Beauty Trend

Actually, we’ve seen masses of uncommon and excellent splendour tendencies over the previous few years. Maybe they’re now not to everyone’s taste, but these models inevitably come and go, and a few are more popular than others among them ‘Penis nails’ are the latest beauty trend as a nose warmer. https://www.instagram.com/p/BzT5XvKpL9N/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link Penis Nails Are The Latest Beauty  Trend: We’ve had long, faux toenails, brief nostril jobs and crystal freckles. But now we might have exposed the strangest and oddest beauty fashion ever seen on the internet: human beings are portrayed penises tiny penises on their nails. Now it might appear…

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Bella Hadid Freed The Nipple At London Fashion Week

Bella Hadid freed the nipple in a sheer top at London Fashion Week. Bella Hadid isn’t any stranger to rocking an unstable fashion, but a sheer top is a brave one, even for her. Previously she came on limelight because of her favourite young brand is weathering the current storm. The version became pictured in London after the Burberry display sporting an informal outfit of jeans, leather-based overshirt (from brand Holzweiler, you’re welcome), and a see-through tank top. Of course, being a supermodel, she pulled it off with the type of self-belief we can only ever dream of having.


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Rexha Reveals A Shocking Fact Of  Fashion Industry

“Oh god, I think we need coffee.” Bebe Rexha’s Staten Island drawl incorporates over the early-morning hush of one of London’s oldest hotels. A waiter in a starched white waistcoat comes with a silver bowl, pouring us both a steaming cup. He turns to go away however she stops him. “Do you realize what?” she says, beaming politely. “Can you just leave the whole pot? Rexha reveals a shocking fact of fashion industry. We’re in a non-public room the morning after Rexha landed from LA and, apart from the prevalent uniform of the jet-lagged (black hoodie, joggers, sliders, zero make-up),…

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When the climate turns chilly, you sincerely need an amazing jumper to shrug on. And the important thing to finding a suitable jumper is nailing the texture. Whether you are looking for that ideal sweater smart enough to wear to the workplace or something cushty and oversized to mooch across the house, our Fashion Editor rounds up the fine options on the excessive avenue proper now. Want to know the best jumper styles to shop? As concerning trends, this season is all about smooth, fluffy knits, rustic argyle styles, and thick ribbed jumpers in heat spiced colorations and pastel tones….

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In the midst of a coronavirus-precipitated contraction in the economy, all kinds of style organizations are starting to falter. On Thursday, the New York Times said that W Magazine could be going on hiatus and furloughing the maximum of its staff. W magazine faces a huge loss due to coronavirus pandemic. “The backside has dropped out of the luxury market,” Marc Lautenberg, leader executive of W’s parent organization Future Media Group, informed the Times, adding that the book became going into “survival mode” as a result of coronavirus pandemic. The print aspect of the e-book is being “postponed indefinitely,” even…

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Is There Still Room For Fashion Influencers In The Covid Era?

The President would speak at 8 pm. We collected around the television. I had a short flash of my English grandmother’s memoirs of gathering around the radio for Churchill’s wartime rallying calls. “We are at war,” declared Emmanuel Macron, his forehead furrowed, his blue eyes gleaming with emotion. He laid out the new measures, the rules of confinement, and our uniquely collective goal: preventing the spread of COVID-19. No one in France becomes to go away home for the foreseeable future, or at the least not without a signed attestation for extraordinary circumstances, or an urgent want for solitary exercising….

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