Four Universal Truths About Hormone Health

What is a hormone and why should men pay attention to it? Often we associate hormones with PMS and hot flashes in women, but is that the only reason we should care? Men really only need to know about testosterone and growth hormone, right? Thyroid problems only affect women, right?  Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong. Men have all the same hormones as women. We only have significantly different amounts from each. Men have estrogen and progesterone, and women have testosterone – we just have different levels from our colleagues. Here we reveal four universal truths about hormone health. Why should you…

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Effective Solutions for Hormone Imbalance Problems

We used to regard hormonal imbalances as “women’s problems,” which are only really relevant in the days before a woman’s menstruation (hello, PMS) and during pregnancy. Three nutrients that beat hormone imbalance problems, effective solutions for hormone imbalance problems. As we know that hormones regulate our entire lives and are very responsible for our feelings – both men and women – every day. Effective Solutions for Hormone Imbalance Problems Hormones affect our mood, appearance, energy level, libido, and even our digestion. Knowing this, we all want to do what we can to prevent hormonal imbalances before we have them. This…

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How To Ease Back Pain on Your Own

Reaching out to work from the back, instead of seeking professional help, may not be the easiest way to deal with back pain. Then how to ease back pain on your own? A new study from the University of Michigan says self-managed acupressure can reduce chronic pain in your lower back. Acupressure is similar to acupuncture, but instead of needles, pressure is applied with a finger, thumb, or device to specific points on the body. Susan Murphy, ScD, OTR, University of Michigan Murphy told the Michigan Medicine website that previous research showed acupressure is beneficial for cancer sufferers and osteoarthritis….

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Why Heavy Metals Could Make You Tired

Cabral is a 37-year-old patient who recently ate clean food, drank a lot of bottled water, and when he described it, “did everything right.” But in spite of these (and other) healthy efforts, he struggled with exhaustion and arrived at my office looking haggard and frustrated because his efforts bore dismal results. In this article, you will know why heavy metals could make you tired. As a medical doctor who focuses on fatigue, I immediately point out Cabral’s problem when she sips a bottle of designer water and casually describes the amazing salmon she got last night at her favorite…

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Naturally Control Hashimoto In 3 Ways

As an integrative doctor, I have worked with thousands of patients over the past decade. One of the most common health problems I see is Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder and the most common cause of hypothyroidism or underactive thyroid. In this article, I will reveal 3 ways to naturally control Hashimoto. Many of my patients have Hashimoto and many of them arrive frustrated or scared. Often, they have tried conventional medication, but it is not working as well as they used to. Their symptoms are coming back and they don’t know what to do. If you are struggling with…

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