Do You Know That BMI is a BS Number?

Do you know that BMI is a BS number? As a professional health and fitness, I thought initially it was nice that I started to send me my doctor’s office about the helpful emails to encourage the conversion of healthy foods and adding more steps in my day, shortly after my last regular check-up. Then I came to discover that it was actually an automated response among body mass index (BMI) that was calculated during my last visit. The system my doc thought I was “overweight.”  Do You Know That BMI is a BS Number? I generally carry about 145…

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Are You Curious About Retinol?

Are You Curious About Retinol? Retinol, Retinoic Acid, Retinal – If you’ve ever read something about skincare, you’ve probably read about this group of vitamin A derivatives that are grouped under the generic term “retinoid”. How do retinoids work? And for good reason: “Among dermatologists and other skincare experts, retinoids are one of the ingredients of choice to provide anti-aging benefits, as many clinical tests show,” says cosmetics chemist Ron Robinson. Are you curious about retinol? And if you’ve read the star ingredient, you’re probably aware of all the recommendations for application and care (introduce it slowly, do not leave…

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How To Use Vitamin C Serum From The Pro

Masks, moisturizers, oils, waters – we will admit that following all the different skincare products can be overwhelming, not to mention the trendy ingredient.(you watch, watermelon). There is a lot of benefits of vitamin C serum How to use vitamin C serum from the pro? Vitamin C serum is a proven product that appears to remain in derm-approved regimens.  you will know the proper usage of the vitamin C serum from this article. Why Vitamin C is important? What does a serum of vitamin C really do? How to choose an effective and how to know if we use it…

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Does Your Shampoo Make Your Hair Dry?

From body soap to lotion to facial cleanser and, yes, shampoos, we love bars here, they are durable, easy to travel, often in small amounts, mostly lean, natural and so chic (the last is a trick of me). But like anything good, it does not mean that they are perfect, nor that you have to be careful in the wind, especially considering your hair type. Does your shampoo make your hair dry? Here is my mentality about any beauty product: All good things are generally neither good nor global, nor good for everyone. So,  Your shampoo makes your hair dry….

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How To Make My Daily Skin Care Routine

Beautiful skin is not just about DNA – your daily habits have a huge impact on what you see in the mirror. But depending on the product reviews you read or the doctors you see, opinions are staggering on everything from hydration to UV protection. In the end, taking care of your skin is just personal. How to make my daily skin care routine? Warming Up Tips Before You Go on Basic Three main steps of my daily skin care routine :- Think of your skin care routine as comprising three main steps: Cleansing Toning Moisturizing The goal of any…

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Cashews As Next Safe Sunscreen Component

Science says that cashews are the next safe sunscreen component. Sun protection has become a topic of conversation this summer, not only because of our recognition for beach vacations but also because of the recent decision by the FDA to reconsider their findings on ingredients considered “safe” for UV protection.  Sometimes, chemical sunscreens ar not safe for skin. Cashews As Next Safe Sunscreen Component The FDA has found that only zinc oxide and titanium oxide can safely absorb UVA and UVB rays while respecting the environment. This means that only two of the 16 ingredients previously considered “safe” have been given…

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Skin Care For The Neck Down

Skin Care For The Neck Down You have probably been told that the skin of your body, specifically the neck, chest, and hands, is susceptible to aging, as is your face. Skin care for the neck down. Of course, we pay the most attention to the skin of our face because that is what people see. (There are also other factors such as that your face is more exposed to environmental aggressors, tends to have more physical movement and is thinner). But more and more people begin to think about what their skin looks like under the neck. I know…

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