How To Shut Down Fight In Your Relationship?

The attention seems to be spreading everywhere these days. In therapy, it can be used as a technique to help patients be aware of what is happening around them as well as what they are currently experiencing internally in order to help them reach a state of calm and to be less critical of their patients. How to shut down fight in your relationship? In relationships, then, what would happen if couples were also more aware, that is, aware of what is happening around them with their partner as well as in themselves, more aware of their physical, mental and…

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How To Identify Codependency Symptoms In Relationship

Do you have a friend, relative or partner who dramatizes and even catastrophizes with seemingly minor events? What do you usually do when they react excessively? This is called codependency. So, how to identify codependency symptoms in relationship? How To Identify Codependency Symptoms In Relationship Do you treat them or try to dissuade them from speaking? Do you listen even when you do not want to, hoping that they will end up? Are you angry and critical? Do you join them in the drama? What happens and how do you feel when you do any of these things? The problem…

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How Will You Know You Are Addicted To Relationship Drama

Relationships are powerful for many reasons – a variety of strong emotions, intimacy, trust, hopes and dreams. And that does not even speak of powerful negative emotions – fear, abandonment, rejection, shame. Yes, relationships are worth the risk. However, we must be cautious because strong elements (love and sex, as well as alcohol, drugs, and other similar addictive factors) can be problematic for humans. How will you know you are addicted to relationship drama? It is possible that we act as if we had some of the classic dependencies on relationships. Addictions are among the most powerful and confusing experiences…

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Reasons Behind You Don’t Have Sex

Most people do not realize they are depressed until they notice the symptoms of depression in their lives. One of the symptoms that adults find particularly difficult is the loss of interest in sex. This can often trigger feelings of embarrassment and shame. You can think of yourself: “What’s wrong with me?” or “Nobody would want to be with me.” Unfortunately, these thoughts and feelings only aggravate the depression. There are some reasons behind you don’t have sex with anyone. What can you do if you or your loved one has low libido? It is important to recognize that there…

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Science Proven: Mindfulness Related to Sex Life

Science Proven: Mindfulness Related to Sex Life Sexual attention may seem far removed from the typical way of looking for a good sex: hot, sweaty and perhaps effortless. But a new study published in the Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy suggests that staying conscious during sex can actually make it more satisfying. Mindfulness related to sex life,  proved by scientists. The researchers studied nearly 200 people, all married, heterosexual and 36 to 60 years old. To assess their sexual alertness, that is, their ability to stay fully conscious and present during sex, participants were asked to relate to statements such…

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Few Reasons To Put Your Kids In Nontraditional Sports

Few Reasons To Put Your Kids In Nontraditional Sports An atmosphere of independence, an eye for adventure, a spirit of curiosity: Welcomes to the summer of the Wild Child. In this childcare series, How To Raise a Wild Child, we explore all the reasons why you should raise your child to embrace the great outdoors, start their own expeditions, and let their imagination run, well, wild. There are few reasons to put your kids in nontraditional sports. When you think of children’s sports, you might think of metal seats, manicured lawns, and perhaps temporary concessions that stand at a distance….

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