Cashews As Next Safe Sunscreen Component

Science says that cashews are the next safe sunscreen component. Sun protection has become a topic of conversation this summer, not only because of our recognition for beach vacations but also because of the recent decision by the FDA to reconsider their findings on ingredients considered “safe” for UV protection.  Sometimes, chemical sunscreens ar not safe for skin. Cashews As Next Safe Sunscreen Component The FDA has found that only zinc oxide and titanium oxide can safely absorb UVA and UVB rays while respecting the environment. This means that only two of the 16 ingredients previously considered “safe” have been given…

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Skin Care For The Neck Down

Skin Care For The Neck Down You have probably been told that the skin of your body, specifically the neck, chest, and hands, is susceptible to aging, as is your face. Skin care for the neck down. Of course, we pay the most attention to the skin of our face because that is what people see. (There are also other factors such as that your face is more exposed to environmental aggressors, tends to have more physical movement and is thinner). But more and more people begin to think about what their skin looks like under the neck. I know…

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